Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In The Garden

Most of the garden is doing quite well at this point. I do have to make sure it gets watered every day, as our temperatures have been in the upper 90's.

Especially vulnerable are the squash plants. If they don't get watered before noon they tend to get very droopy. But then I fill their wells with water and 20 to 30 minutes later they look good as new!

The tomatoes are getting big and plump. Now they just need to get nice and red and ripe!
The black beauty eggplants are getting flowers, thorny as they are!
Our grapes are going gangbusters! They have clusters everywhere.
This is the most beautiful green bell pepper we've ever had!

One side of the beans are doing well.

This is the side that the gopher(s) have ravaged. Not looking so good!
And the okra isn't looking too great either. They look like maybe some sort of bugs have been getting at them. Haven't seen any though.
And this guy silently sees it all.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tina how wonderful your garden looks, that bell pepper looks better than the one I bought today!! My 6'x6' just does not get enough sun I fear, I have had flowers on my squash for over a week, and no fruit??
Thanks for the quick peek at that baby girl too!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful garden!

~M~ said...

Wow, you have a beautiful looking garden! Great pictures!