Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Proof Of Life

As you can see in the photo above, my pasture seed appears to be germinating. I'm trying to steer clear of the especially bare areas so they can hopefully fill in nicely. The rest of the pasture area looks nice but I'm not sure if that's from the new seed (which is hard to see where there's already grass) or if it's just because I've been constantly watering. Either way, it is looking better so for now I'll just continue.

Imagine my surprise when I found some fruit on my brand new baby fruit trees! This is a gala apple.
This is a Fuji apple.
This is our avacado. We've had it for a couple of years now and it's not really in a good place. It is planted underneath a camphor tree that I wanted to cut down but my husband likes it too much. And the poor avacado is suffering now. It's still trying though and we found three avacadoes on it this year. That's the most we've ever gotten from it so far. The tree isn't that big yet, so I may try to relocate it this winter.
Otherwise, one of our neighbors catty-corner from us has a nice avacado tree and he always shares with us every year.

My latest purchase and bout with insanity involves buying moringa seeds. I read about them on another blog and looked a little further into it. The cost was only about $13 for 10 seeds and I thought it wouldn't hurt. Not only are they supposed to be beneficial for humans but they are also supposedly good fodder for animals. We'll see how that works out.

As expected we are becoming inundated with zucchini and squash. I don't mind a bit. I found what I hope will be a good way to save them. It involves blanching the sliced veggies for three minutes, placing on a cookie sheet in a single layer and freezing. Once they are frozen they are placed in a zip lock baggie with as much air sucked out as possible. Since they are individually frozen you only need to take out as much or as little as you need, keeping the rest in the baggie.

So far the freezing part has worked out perfectly. We haven't yet tried to cook any of the frozen stuff to see how it actually works out, but I'll be doing that soon, just to make sure it's worth the trouble.

Meanwhile... Zucchini bread, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I will take some zucchini bread!! Of course with butter!!
I do our strawberries like that (minus the blanching) and it is wonderful you sprinkle out what I need! I will have to look up your new seeds, never heard of them!

Anonymous said...

Yes please!

You make the guacamole and I'll bring the margaritas.

Love your garden.

Robbyn said...

I'm so excited you're trying the moringa!! We're having success with our seeds so far...how are yours growing?? We haven't begun trying to eat any or make tea or tinctures yet, but when we have enough of it going, it'll be fun trying different things...I'd love to compare notes with you as you try out yours, too...so nice to have a "partner in crime" when it comes to unusual plants and a love for animals that aren't often found in the mainstream :)

tina f. said...

Robbyn, so far I've seen nothing on my moringa. Yesterday I took the remaining five seeds and am going to start them according to this website: (http://www.moringafarms.com/growing_it.htm)

I hope this method works!