Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard Work = Dirty!

When we got home from the Congressional Art Reception on Saturday it was time for me to go into the yard work mode. Earlier in the week I had aerated the entire yard with a core aerator (this model) and then followed up by spreading a weed and feed fertilizer.

Saturday I decided to put out the pasture mix seed, then mow everything.
It all went very well, and when I was done the first thing I had to do was take a shower. The dirt and dust from mowing ended up all over me.
The shower felt wonderful!

Now I am keeping everything watered and I hope my plan actually works for a change. I'll let you know...


Anonymous said...

Once again you out did me! I thought I got dirty on Saturday! Mowed, weeded, trimmed reset pavers... bright fire engine face and filthy! But not as dirty as you! The yard looks lovely, I am sure this will all pay off and it will be green, green GREEN!!

~M~ said...

Wow, you sure were dusty! Words just couldn't have described what that pictures showed!!

Hope your plan works!