Thursday, May 21, 2009

From Pig To Pork

Remember these two? One of them was ours.
Wednesday I went and picked our pig up. This is what it looked like.
And now it's in the freezer. We had some of the sausage tonight, and I've got to say, it was outstanding! (Notice the one remaining gallon of sheep milk from this year.)
Although I was excited about all that pork, it sure didn't impress this one!


Anonymous said...

Next time could you either take an 'ugly' picture of the piglets or photo shop some of those gopher teeth on them!!
Baby neck! How can they sleep like that!????

~M~ said...

Yum, pork.....I bet it was ever-so tasty! Did you get any bacon made too?

tina f. said...

We got chops, bacon, ribs, roasts, feet, sausage, you name it!

~M~ said...