Wednesday, May 20, 2009

W For 2009

Mom and baby are doing fine. Ladysmith is beginning to show her age with a lot of gray showing up in her face. (I know how she feels!) She's eleven years old now, which is middle to early old age.

As long as she keeps having babies and the births are trouble free then she will be able to stay. How's that for pressure! This year's heifer calf is a real cutie, as usual. The green color in her left ear is what's left of the tattoo ink. I tattooed her last weekend.
Every Dexter is supposed to be tattooed and the number is then recorded on their registration papers. I never had a system of my own so I follow the recommended simple guidelines of farm letter, calf number, and year born. This year's letter was "W". This calf's number is "W1W", meaning W for Wilamar Farm, 1 for first (and only) calf born in 2009. The system isn't totally foolproof, as obviously there may be other farms using the same system and end up with the same tattoo. But if you throw in a brand, freeze mark, and or ear tags, that helps even more, since everyone with a brand has their own unique pattern. We do have a brand but have not yet used it.

Maybe we will if we ever move to a bigger place where I can then have a few cows, rather than just one at a time.

Perhaps it will happen. Some day...

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering how your calf was doing. Thanks for the new photos. She's looking cute and healthy.

Your garden is beautiful. Looks like you'll be enjoying some wonderful food soon.

How'd you get that diaper on the big gopher?

Love, LC