Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy 09/09/09.

This week has not been happy due to personal issues that I won't go into here. But I am determined to make it better today.

I've been without transportation this week. My husband is out of town with his truck, Wil's truck is in the shop getting the transmission worked on so he's been taking my car to work. We do still have the bronco but we did the non-op this year. I'm normally a freakazoid about being "legal" and I would shoot myself if I got a ticket because I got caught driving it. Wil's truck should be done today (with any luck), but I still have to wait for him to come home from work so we can both go to pick it up.

Meanwhile I think it's time to put the olives up so I'll be busy with that today. And then depending on the vehicle situation I was going to go out to the stables to take some photos of a little project my sister and I are working on. More on that later.

Have a great day everyone. I'm planning on having one myself!


Anonymous said...

Things will get better! PROMISE!!
I was very excited about the 09/09/09
even announced the 09:09 09 sec on
09/09/09, perhaps thats why they keep
me in elementary school!!

tina f. said...

Ooh yeah, I think I'll change the published time on the blog to match. Thanks for the idea. I forgot.

~M~ said...

Happy 09/09/09 to you too! I hope you did have a great day. Keep your chin up and keep that determination that things will get better!

I hadn't even noticed that it was one of those "special" dates, so thank you for reminding me!

I hope you have a better rest of the week! Take care!