Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Happy Birthday to my favorite son!

Today's birthday menu will be his favorite, pork "wienerschnitzel", spaetzle, and a nice Caesar salad, followed by vanilla ice cream and strawberry shortcake bar cake (that's what the label says!).

I've been falling a little behind on the blogging. I'm going to Cambria tomorrow with my friend Vicki and hopefully I'll be able to catch up a little, especially now that I have a laptop I can take with me! ☺

Til then!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Favorite Son!

Enjoy your yummy dinner. Did you get all your ducks? ;-)

T, are you loving your Mac?


~M~ said...

Hey Tina, your son's favorite dinner sounds like a favorite around my house too! My husband just loves chicken (often the grouse) schnitzel, and spaetzles!

How do you make your spaetzles? (or do you buy the pre-made ones?) I've done them a few times with a few different methods. My easiest method is to smash the "batter" through a potato smasher thing I found and decided to try.

Also do you make a goulash to go with the spaetzle ever? If you do, I'd love to see what your recipe is. I've made a Hungarian goulash and combined a few of my recipes, but am still looking for a really good one.

I've been slacking on the blog thing too for some reason....must be the season ;o)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday W. F.

Anonymous said...

And what a cute Favorite he was and is!!
Hope his day was just wonderful!
Have fun this weekend, relax, sleep,
and enjoy!!

tina f. said...

~M~, I've made spaetzle once before and I pressed them through a metal colander. Now I just make them from a package. Much easier! I have made goulash before but I like to make the potato dumplings (again, package is the way to go) to go with the goulash. I can't say I really have a recipe--that's one of those ones I just make without thinking about it, like my meatball recipe. I don't measure anything and just kind of use whatever I'm in the mood for that day.