Thursday, September 17, 2009


Not much is going on right now. We've just started thinking about what to plant in our winter garden and other than that there is not much to report.

So today I am showing you the eggs my hens currently are laying. Usually I will put my eggs in the carton so that when I take an egg out, I will always know which eggs are the oldest. The way I do that is to pretend the carton is a book. Open the carton as you would open a book and put the eggs in starting at the top left, then in the slot next to it. Then to the next "line" of the "book", and so on. I take the eggs out in the same order. Fascinating, huh! Well, it works for me.

However for the purposes of this particular post I've rearranged the eggs for easier viewing. There is the banty egg on the right, the regular white leghorn in the middle, and the other leghorn must be cranking out the monsters on the left. Surprisingly they are not double yolkers and we get a giant egg like this about every third day. Currently the banty is the most consistent layer with one a day. We get a regular sized egg about every 1 1/2 days. So if you're following that means we get anywhere from one to three eggs per day. I haven't had to resort to baking pound cake yet. (That link to the old fashioned pound cake was from two years ago. Maybe it's time to repost the recipe here.) We seem to have the right amount of eggs for now. Heaven help me when the new chicks start laying!


Anonymous said...

You could sell your eggs. My friend sells hers at church.

Love, M

~M~ said...

I am thoroughly impressed by that "monster" of an egg! And it's not a double either?! WOW! My brother's chickens would give us "monster" eggs every once in a while, but to get one every few days is crazy! I wonder what kind of chick would come out of an egg that size!

What do you and your husband plant in your winter garden?


Anonymous said...

I'm curious also about the winter garden, you know
how tiny mine is, but I only do the summer! Let "us" know when you come up with your idea's.
Your 'book' idea is great!
Hope today was good,