Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Mosaic Cross

I recently finished another mosaic cross, this time using 1/2 marbles as the main cross piece. I put them in "upside down" so the flat side was up, giving more surface to show. On my other pictures of mosaics I took multiple pictures and then posted what I thought was the best photo, even though each photo shows a little different aspect. Today I'm going to post all three photos of the same mosaic so you can see the difference the lighting makes.

Pick your favorite.

This first shot was in full sun. Even though there are "shiny" tiles, you can't really see them.
This shot was outside. The mosaic is in the shade and you can see the metallic tiles picking up the reflection a little.
This photo was taken inside the garage with the door open. There is a lot of reflection which really makes the glass marbles glow and the metallic tiles shine. This is probably my favorite shot. But like I said, each photo kind of emphasizes a little bit of a different perspective.
Right now I'm working on a stepping stone with a lizard as the subject. I can already tell I'm going to have to redo some of the tiles so it will be more to my liking. As usual I'll show it to you all when I'm done. I hope it turns out okay!


Anonymous said...

I like the first photo b/c the outer I can really see the depth of the border tiles and their irregularities. Also, the colors are deeper. All three are pretty, though! The reflection in the 3rd one is very nice.

T, you have such a gift.


Anonymous said...

oops...I think I started to say something about the "outer" and then changed my mind. Forgot to take it out...

Anonymous said...

The outside shot makes the glass look like liquid! But the reflections in the garage are just beautiful, I could see this in an entry way!! Wonderful job!!!!