Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goat House/Calf House

This is the old goat house. It has a big hole in the floor and I was going to take the whole thing down. But one day I went out there and I found this.
The picture is a little dark so I enlarged and lightened.
It seems the calf likes to spend a little time in there.

When she gets a little older and doesn't need to go in for as many naps then I'll tear it down. Anybody have any suggestions as to what to name her?


Anonymous said...

First are we loving her or eating her? This matters!
Eating you could go with FM (filet mignon)... OR
Famous People born on 4/18:
First I would have go with Papa = Willamena
Hayley Mills = Hayley get it HAYley
Lucrezia (Borgia)


~M~ said...

She's just so darn cute! Patti has quite a good point regarding the eat her/love her issue. I like Violet, Zeava, and Zoey, but those are definitely "love her"