Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Even though we've had unseasonably cool weather so far it was time to get the cats shaved. I had Ollie done last year but not Kneadermeier. But now Kneadermeier is a little older and doesn't take care of herself so well anymore and I had both of the cats done.

When I picked them up from the vet, I think they were both hatin' on me a little. Ollie pp'd in her crate, which I had borrowed from the neighbor because I couldn't find our second crate. The bad thing about that is, it's a soft-sided, collapsible type and it even leaked outside the crate. Fortunately we had newspaper underneath the crate so I was able to just roll the paper up and toss it when I got home. I got some animal odor neutralizer so I hope that works.

What's really funny now is how similar the cats look. They both have white feet, a white spot on their chest and white whiskers. The way I can tell who is who is Kneadermeier is thinner than Ollie, and her face is pointier than Ollie's, and Ollie's whiskers look thicker than Kneadermeier's. Before the shave it was easier to tell because everything about Ollie was bigger and puffier. Even though Kneadermeier is a medium-long haired cat, her hair was sleeker and finer than Ollie's, who is definately a long-haired cat.

Here's the girls with their new do's:

It'll all grow back in about four months or so, just in time for winter.

I think they've already forgiven me too. ☺

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Anonymous said...

Pretty pathetic looking!! I think I would have done one better than pp in the crate!! Hoping you gave them a bit of a treat!
You could have just take 2 pictures of one, they look identical to me!