Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mad Bull

The other day a rather large branch broke off one of the mimosa trees. I knew clean up would be a lot easier if I let the animals out. See, they'll eat all the little leaves and then that's one less thing I'll have to rake up.

It was time to let the cows out anyway. I like to let them out to get a little exercise and so they can nibble on the grass.

Dakota loves being out. The first thing he does is run around. I think he's playing "Pamplona Bull Run".

Then he has to impress his lady friend by tossing the big, bad branch around.

Then a little more Pamplona action. Check out the muscles!

And finally it's time to settle down and have a snack with the lady.


MT said...

And where do you stand when taking pictures of Dakota doing his Pamplona thing?

tina f. said...

Out of his way! (I was on the other side of the fence between the house yard and the pasture yard.)