Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bike Trail At Enos Lane

Yesterday Carli and I went for a little walk. We went to the end of the bike path at Enos Lane and started from there. This is a bike/walk trail that goes all the way through town. The west side, where we started from, is in the middle of a large water recharging basin. Unfortunately, because it's been such a dry year, the ponds are empty.

But it was still very beautiful and peaceful.

When we hit the two-mile-mark we decided to turn around and head back. After all, it was rather warm.

Looks like it was a little too warm and waterless for this oppossum, too. :(

We were glad to get back to the car. All told we walked for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Next time I'll make sure to put some sunscreen on and have some water in an ice chest in the car. It's supposed to be 105 today, so I'm not sure exactly when the next time will be.

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MT said...

Hey there, girlie, get to blogging. It's Saturday evening and my weekend feels slightly incomplete, cause I miss your stories.