Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lemon Ice Cream

This is a simple recipe I made to help me use up the lemons from my very prolific lemon tree. This was before I had an ice cream machine, so don't think you have to have one in order to make it. After mixing the ingredients together I would put the mixture in a bowl in the freezer, and stir it up every 45 minutes or so. It may still separate just a little, but that doesn't hurt it a bit. I have an ice cream machine now and I have to say it certainly makes it easier.

To start we'll need 2 cups cream; 2 eggs; 1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk; and 1 cup lemon juice.

First beat the eggs well. Then mix all the ingredients together.

My inexpensive Braun stick blender (sometimes called an immersion blender) works really well for this.

If you have an ice cream machine follow the instructions listed from the manufacturer. I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker which I really like. It doesn't need any sort of prechilling. You simply pour the mixture in and turn it on. I keep my machine in my bedroom. Not because it can give me sweet dreams (I wish), but because it's a bit noisy. If you don't have a machine put the mixture in a bowl and place in the freezer. Try and stir it every 45 minutes until it starts getting too thick to stir (it will depend on the depth of the container you use--about three hours for a deep bowl, less for a more shallow container).

That's pretty much all there is to it. When my machine is finished mixing I put the ice cream in these quart sized styrofoam containers I get for really cheap at the Smart & Final Store.

This recipe is good because the ice cream isn't too sweet, or too tart. It doesn't have any fat or calories.

That last sentence isn't true. Just seeing if you were paying attention! Enjoy!

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