Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pretty vs Pathetic

It's been getting warmer and warmer (it's supposed to get over 100 on Thursday) and I wanted to make the sheep a little more comfortable. That means shearing them so they don't have a heavy woolen coat over the summer months. I don't keep the wool so it doesn't matter how thick it gets. If the wool is two inches long at the beginning of summer then I like to shear it. I want my sheep to be happy.

It started out well enough. I knew it was getting close to the time when I would need to send the blades to get sharpened, but I was hoping they'd hold out until I got all the girls done.

They didn't.

Baby looking pretty.

Jamie was shorn about two weeks ago so she was fine. I got Baby all done and she is now happy and cool and looking great. 30f4 was the unfortunate victim of a half-done job. She is looking decidedly pathetic.

3of4 looking pathetic.

I packed up the blades and shipped them off to Premier 1 Supplies to get sharpened. They do an excellent job and the turn-around is fast.

3of4 will have to wait until the blades come back to get her "do" done. Francine and Ewenice will have to tough out the heat for just a little longer...

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