Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Walk Around the Ponds

Yesterday the weather was beautiful. I got an early start to my day (which means I was out feeding before 9 am). I noticed the electricians were stringing the electrical wires into the poles, for the pumps.

While I was watering the garden and the little flower box I saw a little hummingbird.

I remembered to spray my roses out front with some of that "Safer" pesticide stuff because their leaves are getting some sort of cut leaf bug damage. Today I'll try to remember to cut off the dead blooms. There were one or two blooms still looking good.

Back in the middle back yard (the area where the big animals are) I noticed Dean's goat wandering around. He had come through the open gate, which is no big deal. We've been leaving it open lately and when I let the sheep or cows out they meander over there too. I'll have to try and remember to trim the goat's feet. They are pretty well overgrown. I can't get over just how fat that goat is, and all he gets is water and the "pasture", no extra grain or anything. Talk about an easy keeper!

In the afternoon I decided to walk around the ponds. I wanted to check on the progress of the pond work and hopefully get some "wildlife" pictures. I didn't get much in the way of wildlife. I got this hawk flying.

And a bad picture of this western kingbird. I'll have to put the zoom lens on next time.

Here are some wild sunflowers. When the water is in these grow everywhere along the banks of the canal. They're really pretty all bunched together.

I did get some good shots of the ponds. Here's a shot looking east. That pole to the left behind the rock pile is the same pole they were working on in the first picture above.

This is a well head and pump from straight south of us, across two ponds (looking east).

Some of the poles are finished...

...some not quite.

Here's looking north towards my house.

This was the only teeny cloud I saw all day. It really seemed out of place.

I can't say that the work is really marching on. It's more like inching along. But soon enough the ponds will be filled again. The variety of wildlife and wild flowers will return. The dogs will be able to go swimming and I can kayak around. Maybe then I'll get some better shots to post too.

Lately I've been having this urge to get Photoshop. I wonder what that could be about...

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