Monday, July 30, 2007

Flock of Flamingos

One Saturday morning a couple of years ago we woke up to find a large flock of flamingos on our front lawn. We had been "flamingoed".

My sister was going to be traveling as a chaperone with the church's youth group to Belize. There they would be ministering to the kids and their families and helping the villagers make needed improvements and repairs to their church and school. As a fundraiser the youth group "flamingoed" people they hoped would help out.

I never used to be a fan of the plastic lawn flamingos. I always thought they were rather tacky. But the large flock on my front lawn was kind of funny, and almost cute.

We've been flamingoed!
The flamingo fundraising efforts were a success and the trip to Belize went well. The team got a lot accomplished and my sister reported that not only did the natives get a lot of needed supplies and work done, but the teenaged youth group had their eyes opened to a different way of life as well.

Some of the youth group kids with some of the Belizian kids. The entire team. My sister is here too. Hint: she's wearing a blue shirt.
Originally the team had thought to not pick up the flamingos until a bail or fee of some sort was paid. I told her it was a good thing they didn't go that route, because I wouldn't have paid so I could keep them! As it turned out I actually ended up buying my own flock of flamingos.

No, I don't keep them in the front yard. That would be tacky! They prefer to hang out in the far back, by the ponds. They are water birds, after all. They usually hang out at the edge of the pond water, but since the ponds are dry right now, they wander around the garden area.

My flock of flamingos.
Talk about the ideal pet! They don't make noise, they don't cost anything to feed, they are virtually maintenance free, they aren't smelly, and they don't need much supervision. They just need to be moved around every so often to keep them happy.

And you know me; I want to keep my creatures happy. Because when they are happy, I'm happy!


MT said...

Who knew that flamingos were such wonderful pets? And they don't require a license or trips to the vet, either. Are yours named?

tina f. said...

They all answer to "Pinkie"!