Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today I was working on tomorrow's post (it's my big sister's birthday tomorrow) and I kind of panicked a little. I was putting a lot of pictures in it and suddenly I realized I had already used up almost half of my "allowed" pictures space. OH NO!

Silly me. I didn't know the storage space would be limited. I didn't know the internet had limits. I told you I was computer challenged.

I have four options.
  1. Start deleting the earliest posts, or at least their photos.
  2. Pay Google/Picassa/Blogger for more storage space.
  3. Stop putting in any pictures.
  4. Start putting in smaller pictures.
I'm not ready to start deleting yet. Gosh, I've only been at this for a couple of months! I'm really balking (for now) at paying. And here I foolishly thought this was all free. HA! I have to put pictures in. That's half the fun of this whole blogging experience.

For the time being I will put in smaller pictures, much to my chagrin. You know how much I love my new camera and sharing the photos with you. I suppose option 5 could be putting ads on my site. I'm just not that panicked yet.

So there you have it for now.

Sorry. : (

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just read your "Miscellaneous" reference photo size allotments and have a super idea -- PLEASE, POST NO PHOTOS (well of me)!! I appreciate your wanting to honor my birthday, but I am extremely unphotogenic and intensely private!! PLEASE, NO PHOTOS! I will send you one that I like, for it holds special significance.

Love, Your Sister