Friday, July 13, 2007

Photogenic Clyde

I've told you before about Clyde, our Bracco Italiano. He is such a loveable goof ball. It's really hard for me to get mad at him, even when he chews our shoes or socks, or occasionally tinkles in the house, or digs holes in the lawn. I guess we should put our shoes in the closet and our socks in the hamper. And he just doesn't know how to "knock" on the door like the other two dogs when he needs to go out. We should be paying more attention when he starts hanging out by the back door. And he's just helping to make potty burying holes...
One thing I didn't mention before was his claim to fame. Actually, it's not really any of us that are the famous ones, but his littermate, Paleo, who went to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

You don't believe me? Watch the CMT show Insider Special Edition and you'll see Paleo towards the end of the program. (They are showing a rerun of the program on July 20th.) Also you can peruse the Cerca Trova Kennels web site. It looks like they are going through a host change right now so most of their pages are down, but make sure to check back later.
I love taking pictures of Clyde. He's so photogenic, I just can't take a bad picture of him.
And here he is doing what he was born and bred to do...

Isn't he gorgeous?

Is he spoiled? You bet!

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