Friday, October 5, 2007

Adirondack Chair

My son had been hinting around for the last two weeks that he was working on something special in his wood shop class at school. Finally I got the call to go pick it up. Imagine my surprise when I pulled around to the storage area and I saw this chair waiting for me. I was expecting a bird house or something not quite as extravagant as this.

I've never had Adirondack furniture before. I was surprised at how comfortable the chair is. And it has the perfect arms to set a drinkie poo on. I just got a Plow & Hearth catalogue and an almost identical chair (with the exception of the type of wood used) cost about $180! Wow! I'm thinking it'll make a great addition to the new patio.

And speaking of the patio, it's a good thing I read directions and double checked a few things. I was going to grout yesterday and I was a little concerned about the grout being hard to clean off the porous slate tiles. The stone tile sealer package said the product could be applied prior to the grouting to help prevent just such a problem. Internet sites concurred.

I got three layers on and the tiles look fantastic. When I'm done grouting I'll post the pictures. The weather report says there is a slight chance of showers today so I'm not sure if the grout will get done. This is just like a professional job: all kinds of delays!

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