Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The New Patio

The out-back patio is done! I just have a few minor things to do, like "pretty up" the edges with a little thin set to even it all out and then a coat of grey concrete paint. But for all intents and purposes it is finished.

It took a little longer than I had hoped, for various reasons. But I suppose that is to be expected. Just like any construction job the projected time of being done should probably have 1/3 the estimated time added! Did I say that right? Anyway, you know what I mean...

So here's a quick recap start to finish:

The old patio, miscellaneous tiles and bricks over a dirt pad.

Pouring the concrete for the new pad.

The roofing paper over the concrete.
1/3 of the tiles layed.

Stone sealer applied.Grout applied. Done!
Now I need to get a can of black stove spray paint to redo the chimenea.

A woman's work is never done!

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