Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Here's a few pictures of my favorite close-up subject, the spider. They aren't really my favorite subject because I find them to be very creepy. I've always hated spiders and when I was a kid I had a real phobia about them. I've since learned to control my abnormal aversion. Now when I see one I just give a little shriek instead of screaming hysterically and jumping up and down while flapping my hands real close to my chest. (You can just picture that, can't you?) If someone had told me when I was ten that later in life I'd be voluntarily taking pictures of spiders from two inches away I would have shrieked with horror and dismay and I'd probably be living in a mental ward.

Anyway, here's the photos.

Oh, and I learned a new thing about my camera. Remember back some time ago I mentioned I would have to buy some photo storage space because I was running out of room so fast? Well, I figured out that my camera has three settings for photo size. Obviously they are small, medium, and large. I thought bigger was better so I had it on the large setting. Apparently that uses up a lot of pixels or something so when I transferred the pictures to Blogger it used up a lot of space. I did a little experiment and switched to the small setting and suddenly I was using much less space when uploading the photos, even though on the blog they look the same, regardless of what size my camera setting is on.

Now you may also remember that I use the "trim" feature a lot, which is where I can take a picture and blow it up and create a new picture. I noticed when the camera setting is on small it won't enlarge as much as when it's on the large picture setting. So if I know I'm going to want to try and get closer to something I'll put it on the large picture setting, otherwise I normally keep it on the small setting now.

All this is fascinating, I know! But discovering new things like that keeps this simple mind happy.

Have a safe holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Ewe, so appropos!

Happy Halloween!