Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tree Trimmers

Once a year PG&E contracts with a company to check and make sure no trees are growing too close their power lines. A couple of months ago a young lady came by and decided one of the eucalyptus trees was getting too close to the wire. It got the "to be trimmed" mark.

Here's the "before the trimming" shot. Yeah, I guess it's getting a little close. That's about a four to five foot distance between the tree and the power line.
Yesterday was tree trimming day. First they asked me to move the cow and bull out of their pen and make sure I locked their gate so they couldn't go back in. I think they were a little afraid of the bull, even though they didn't need to be. But it was a good idea to keep them out of the pen anyway, since the cuttings fell straight into their pen.

The guy manuevered the lift bucket between the higher power lines and the lower cable tv line. Then he got to work with his chain saw.

It took just a few minutes and then they started cleaning up. That chipper thing scares me. I think I've seen too many bad movies.

And now there's an acceptable distance between the tree and the wires.

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