Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Lizard Will Have To Wait

I thought I was going to pull it off. I cut the tail part out of the slate tile and it worked. But when I started cutting around the feet areas the tile started chipping and breaking. You might be able to see in the picture the area by the bottom foot. Not only did it break at the edge, but by the very nature of the slate it started chipping off in layers.

Had I been able to make it work it would have looked really cool. I suppose I could have tried on another tile. I didn't want to start burning through all the tiles, though.

It's okay. I will save the lizard (all six parts--top body, bottom body, 2 bottom feet, and 2 tail parts) for another project, one I already have in mind.

Meanwhile the patio is mostly done. I still have to put the tile on the edges, which will require cutting, then the grout, the grout sealer, and finally the stone sealer, which will really make the colors come to life. If all goes well I'll be done by the weekend.

My first order of the day (after coffee, and animal feeding) will be to buy one more box of tiles!

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