Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Winter Garden

After a trip to two different Floyd's stores (a local hardward store) we managed to get a few winter veggies. We got several types of lettuce, red and green cabbages, parsley, and basil. There's a couple of cauliflowers and broccolis. I'm not sure how wintery the parsley and basil are but I'm hoping they'll do okay since we usually have fairly mild winters, and the fall season has just barely begun. In fact we're still experiencing 80 degree days, which have been fantastic.

We also bought carrot seeds and beet seeds, along with "Amend" soil enhancer/enricher/fixer, so hopefully they'll grow. We bought a package of pole beans and just for fun planted about a third of those. If they grow that's great, if not, it won't be a big surprise and we still have 2/3 of the package for next year when they are really supposed to be planted.

My one purchase I had to question was a tomato plant. They actually had quite a few seedlings out and they looked really good. I always thought tomatoes were supposed to be for spring planting, but my garden lust took over my better sense and I bought it. It's a "Siberian". Maybe that means it grows better in cooler weather?? I wondered why they had tomatoes for sale and I figured it out: it's for gullible people like me who'll throw their money down. I may have to pollinate it myself if I have to, by gum!

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