Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Here!

Yesterday morning Carli called me and told me to stay near the phone. She was having what is normally called a "bloody show". She called Marcus and he was on his way home from the coast. Marcus called around 2:30 pm and said they were in the hospital. After I picked Wil up from school we went to see them.

Carli had an oxygen mask on because the baby seemed to be stressing a little. When they first got there the baby's heart rate was a little low. While Wil and I were there the nurse came in and said the baby's heart rate was better and took the oxygen off. Then because Carli was 80% effaced but only dialated 1 centimeter the nurse hooked her up to ocitocin. My poor baby! Wil and I left at 4:30 and Marcus had strict instructions to call when the doctor got there. He was expected to be there around 6 pm they thought.

I had the volunteer class at 6 but when I told Kim what was happening she said I could take off. My husband and I went to the hospital around 8 pm. Carli had the oxygen mask back on because the baby's heart rate was up again. The ocitocin drip had been removed. The doctor, who was at another hospital doing a few c-sections, decided that with the baby's stress they were going to do a c-section.

Waiting for the doctor to show up.
While we waited in the waiting room Marcus's side of the family started coming in. I believe there were nine of them all together. Then we had a little surprise when our next door neighbors showed up too. Everybody was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Carli's baby. At 10 pm the nurses took her and Marcus into the operating room and started getting everything ready. The doctor didn't actually show up at our hospital until after Carli was in the operating room.

New baby!
Cutting the cord.
Finally just after 11 pm the baby was brought into the nursery. Marcus was with her. I had given him my camera so he could take a few pictures. At this point I'm still not sure what the baby's name is going to be. She was born just before 11 pm and was 17 inches long and weighed 6 pounds and 8 ounces. Remember her original due date was December 8 and just last week got pushed to November 28. The main thing is she is healthy and beautiful.

She's so cute! She's going to be a good baby too. She only cried when she got a shot.
Her fans. This is only half of them.
The timing in this case could have been a little better. Carli was supposed to have a final exam today and I'm about ready to leave for Oakland with my friend Vicki for a mosaic class. Oh well. She can make up the exam and this weekend Carli has Marcus's family to be with her. I'll get plenty of the baby after next week!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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