Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Good Gopher

WARNING: This post may contain material some people may find unsuitable or offensive due to graphic images.

For those of you who are against trapping of animals, or those of you who may be squeemish about seeing pictures of dead animals, please stop now.

You all know by now of my intense dislike for gophers. This year they seem to be even more pervasive than ever. They must have been gettin' busy this year because it seems there are more around than ever. And not only that but they have become repellent resistive. What used to once work with miraculous results now only shows mediocre effects. Where once I could put a trap (or two) down a gopher hole and the next morning expect to triumphantly pull a dead gopher out I now am often met with days of frustration with an empty trap.

So on the now rare occasion when I do snare a gopher it is cause for celebration. In these short two weeks past we have lost one green cabbage, one red cabbage, and three lettuce heads!

I don't like to see anything suffer, but if it means protecting my yard and garden then it's for the good.

This gopher was caught Friday morning.
It looks like he didn't die right away, unfortunately.

And like I said, I don't like to see anything suffer, even if it's a gopher.

But as far as I'm concerned, a DEAD gopher is a GOOD gopher.

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