Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cambria Weekend, II

Saturday morning was another beautiful day. I made eggs benedict for breakfast for everyone. Despite overcooking the eggs just a little bit (the yolks weren't runny enough for me) it seemed to be a hit.

The guys went to work on a flagstone walkway and the girls supervised from the porch. After a while though, we decided to go shopping in town and pick up lunch to bring back. My main objective was to go to a shop that sells unusual crystals you can hang in your window or where ever. It was to replace one that had been stolen from our garden last year. Only this one wasn't going in the garden.

While we were at the shop I noticed a case that had bell necklaces. I love bells so I had to try each one out. They were all labeled, "Grandmother Bell", "Daughter Bell", "Sister Bell", and so on and they each had a different design and a different tinkle. As it turns out I liked the "Nestled Hearts Bell".

The bells weren't really inexpensive, so I chose a more common, less expensive crystal, and got the bell necklace. I knew if I had waited to tell my husband about it he would have asked me why didn't I just get it? Then it would have been gone by the next time we came back. So I got it and when we got back I showed him what he bought me! We also passed a yarn shop and I picked up some colorful balls of yarn that were on sale. Guess what? Another baby blanket in progress!

On the way back we stopped at a little Mexican roach coach. We got a couple of burritos and tacos al pastor to split with the guys when we got home. We didn't want to eat too much because we had a great dinner planned. The guys were done and cleaned up when we got home and the lunch was delicious.

In the afternoon we went for a walk on the boardwalk by the beach.

We saw a few seals and lots of birds; gulls and cormorants.

And a crow who posed reluctantly for me.

And then there were the obnoxious ground squirrels everywhere. I stopped to snap a photo and it ran right up to us begging for handouts. I guess some people think they are cute and give them food, but as a hobby farmer I see them as a disease ridden rodent pest.

That evening we had a terrific dinner of bbq rib eye steaks, my garlic mashed potatoes (I'll do the recipe here one of these days), and Caesar salad. Afterwards we ate a few chocolate confections we had picked up on our shopping expedition and played Sequence.

The next morning the fog had rolled in and the sun was nowhere to be seen. We hung around for a little and then took off for home. We got about 20 miles away from the coast and the sun was back. On the way I took a picture of Heart Hill. You can see how it got that name. Next time I won't be in such a hurry and I'll move to a better vantage point.

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