Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gray Lady Enroute

Now that I'm a bona fide gramma it's time to make a change. Not really; being a grandmother has nothing to do with this. I've been thinking for a while now about not coloring my hair anymore.

My mother went prematurely gray and I often helped her color her hair. As a teenager I always thought "I'll never color my hair!" Well guess what! As I approached my thirties, I started finding more and more gray hairs on my head. I don't know the exact age I started coloring my hair on a regular basis, but it was definitely before I turned thirty. So much for never coloring my hair.

The most irritating thing about it is I started turning gray before my two older sisters. Of us all, I'm the grayest, then comes the middle sister, and my oldest sister is the least gray. My younger brother has just started becoming noticeably gray and he's just five years younger than I. That just doesn't seem right.

My hair grows pretty fast. So if this experiment doesn't work out, I'll be okay. It's been to the point where I had to color no less than once every four weeks, and even then the roots were really starting to show. It has now been about eight weeks since my last coloring. It looks a little spooky right now. The plan is to let it grow out just a tad more, then get my hair cut very short, hopefully cutting all the colored part off. My idea is that maybe I'll look as good as the "mature" models on the Prevention magazine covers. If it doesn't turn out as I hoped, I will definitely go back to coloring.

The other day I went to Albertson's for a few things. Albertson's is one of those stores where you can get a "preferred customer" card and after swiping it you allegedly can get a discount on some items. They also use the card to track your purchases and give coupons accordingly. I guess they noticed I hadn't bought any hair color recently so they gave me a coupon for $3.00 off "root touch-up". Sheesh!

Coupon for root touch-up. Are they trying to tell me something?

We'll see what happens...

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