Friday, March 5, 2010

First Dental Check Up

Today was the baby's first check up at the dentist. Naturally it was at the office where her mother works.

This is a little room where pictures and x-rays are taken.
She did really well with taking pictures of her teeth. (I took a picture of the screen but it just looks black.)
We tried doing x-rays but she didn't understand the concept of holding the thing in her mouth.
After pictures we moved to the exam room where she waited patiently for the doctor.
Here he is getting ready.
Now he's doing his exam. Notice mom's contact. No cavities!
Now mom gets to clean her baby's teeth.
I was amazed at how well she did. She never cried and was an excellent patient for being two years old.

I'm sure she was the cutest patient they had all day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!
Of course she would be the best patient... her mom taught her well.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, what a great way to start , no fear of the evil dentist!! I wish more kids would have such great first appointments! She was probably the cutest ever!!
Congrats to the baby!!!

Anonymous said...

I concur with all comments heretofore! : )

Love, M

Anonymous said...

She makes me smile! What a sweetie...and her shirt says so!


~M~ said...

She's so cute! That is great that she was so calm and comfortable! Good job on the no cavities too!


Diana Dickert said...

Wow, she looks so cute, especially with her hat! :D It's so good to hear that most kids nowadays are not afraid of dental visits. :p Her mom should be proud of her!

Delfina Schrecongost said...

Success is sweet, and so is having a clean bill of dental health. Those are quite excellent results for the first dental check-up, and I hope it continues for her!

Darcy Losh said...

What a brave little girl! If every other kid would be as brave as her then the parents wouldn’t such have a hard time convincing their kids to go to the dentist. This little girl deserves a reward!