Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Almost Spring

It's almost spring and that means a lot of clean up to do. Here's what our poor garden looks like now:
It's full of mustard and miscellaneous other weeds. Several weeks ago I cleaned out the chicken coop and dumped the stuff into the garden. You can't tell because the weeds are so tall. I think I'm going to let the cows out to eat a good portion of this down, and then we will rototill it all in.

Pretty soon the hills surrounding town will be full of wildflowers. We've got our own private wildflower patch in the "orchard".
And here are a couple of blooms from our fruit trees, proving they are still alive and maybe we'll have fruit this summer!

Meanwhile I'm feeling just about back to normal. I went horsebackriding yesterday for the first time since my surgery and it was very nice to be back on the horse.

Today the baby went to her first day of full time pre-school/day care and though it may sound ungrandmotherly-like, I have to say I'm glad for it. She is the age now where she needs to be around other kids to learn proper socialization. And it's a big relief for me knowing I can go back to doing what I want to do without having to worry about keeping her occupied all day. Whew!

There is plenty around here for me to do right now, that is for sure! The yards are all growing wacky with weeds and grass. I'm going to try to do a little trimming of that while things are still relatively dry-ish. Plus the inside of the house needs a good cleaning (can't remember when the last time anybody vacuumed!) and there is always laundry to do!



Anonymous said...

At long last (okay, four days...too long to go without for this Wilamar Farm blog addict) a blog, with good news and beautiful photos as well!!

I'm very happy for you, T.F.!

Love, M

~M~ said...

What nice picture! What kind of flowers are the purple ones? What kind of fruit tree is that flower from too? It's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Don't over do it, take it slow, let those cows do some of your work!
One thing to remember is grandchild will do great around other kiddlings but remember the germs! A GREAT thing!! She will get a few cold, pox, and other fun things, but she will fly through Kinder! The kids that are not around with others are out 5 to 6 times a month!!

tina f. said...

I have no idea what the purple flowers are, other than they are some sort of weed. The blossoms on the trees are apricot (the close up) and the other is either apricot or peach--it's on a multi-fruit tree so I'm not sure which branch is which fruit.

~M~ said...

Wow, what beautiful flowers they are though. I just loved the close-up one. Thanks for sharing pictures of spring!