Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garden Planted

Remember what the garden looked like last week?
The cows never did eat it down all the way, but my husband managed to rototill everything in on Saturday. Sunday we went to Lowe's and picked up a few veggies.
We got a few different varieties of tomatoes and peppers, crook neck squash, and for fun we got two artichoke plants. We had artichokes once before and it was planted in the front yard. It was doing really well until a stray dog stepped right in the middle of the plant and that was that.

I wanted to get some San Marzano tomatoes to try in the garden but Lowe's didn't have any. So of course I had to go on line and found some at Territorial Seed Company. Those plants should be arriving in another month or so.

Also this year once again we fenced the garden to keep out the loose dogs and perhaps deter the wandering humans. Notice the big piles of what used to be in the garden at the end and side. My husband picked those out by hand prior to the rototilling.
Last night it rained pretty good and left everything soaked. Today it is once again very cold outside. We've run out of firewood so now rely on the heater. I don't like being cold! I think the heat from the fire is much nicer than from the heater. Oh well.

Also we're still waiting on the cow. Any day now...
Keep warm!


~M~ said...

That picture of the cow is too cute...cracked me up!

I cannot believe you are already planting a garden. We've got at least another two months before I can start anything. I am so jealous! What a wonderful job your husband did on pulling out all those weeds and to do the rototilling too! (yes, I am jealous of that too. My hubby doesn't care or put much interest in my gardening.)

I hope the weather gets warmer for you. I too like a warm fire, there is just something different about it compared to heaters. In our new place we couldn't fit a fireplace in unfortunately.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Now the San Marzano's do you use the canned ones for cooking? Or have you tasted the fresh ones? The canned are wonderful! Garden looks great!!

tina f. said...

I haven't used them either canned or fresh but keep reading about how wonderful they are so I thought I'd give them a try.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have a garden that needs to be STARTED in AZ! You have spare time? Just kidding. I want you to do what you want to with your freed up time. : )

Enjoy yourself, and know that I'm with -M-...jealous.

Love, M

Anonymous said...

Nice garden!
I've heard dried cow pies will work as fuel?
I'm not sure what would be worse, the smell or the electric bill.