Friday, March 26, 2010

Yard Work

Last weekend my sister and I went to White Forest Nursery and while she was getting some trees she had ordered I was picking out some flowers to plant in the front.

I got some purple and pink petunias that I put on the right side of the first driveway (we have a circular drive).
I planted a mixture of zinnias on the other side.
On the left side of the entry way in the shady spot I planted a few impatiens.
Opposite the impatiens I planted marigolds.
Over on the other driveway I planted pale pink and dark pink petunias.
I had enough left over of those to plant between two of the rose bushes.
Underneath the olive tree I planted some sort of verbena.
I don't know why I got it really, since I didn't actually have a place in mind for it. As we were admiring the flowers in that area at the nursery a woman told us she had planted a few of them and thought they were highly invasive. She said they were starting to grow into her lawn. I thought that sounded like something I needed--something that was indestructible and needed little extra care.
I'm not usually too good with plants--my sister is the one with the green thumb. Oh well, if it survives then great, if not then oh well.

When I finished planting everything I decided to get the edger out and edge. I also did the back yard. (This is in the front by the olive tree).
While I was planting between the roses I found a nice little surprise. This is some sort of little bulb I got through mail order and planted at least 10 years ago.
I love the kind of plants that take care of themselves!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you were really busy there, missy. Looks great!


Anonymous said...

I guess this means we should all be out there making our yards look nice! Color just adds so much to your home! It looks lovely!
Hope you are feeling great!

~M~ said...

Beautiful! I am so have flowers! Oie...we've had a mild spring this year, but we still can't come close to having flowers like you've got. Looks great!

Doesn't the fresh air make you feel so good!?