Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bad Wind Day

Today was a really bad wind day. And I'm not talking about my husband's flatulence which as a side effect of his internal surgery has been known to literally run me from the room. Today we had high winds outside.

We were having coffee and watching tv this morning when we heard a bad sound outside. It wasn't good. We looked out and saw the roof of Dakota's shed was gone. It had just got peeled off the top and was on the ground behind the shed.

You can see here where the metal roof just ripped straight away from the bolts. So much for all the squaring up to get the roof on right. Needless to say, Hubby was way less than pleased. It was an unpleasant morning. We'll just leave it at that.
Monday I spent a little time on the tractor. I moved some rocks over to the railroad tie jump and rebuilt it. It did not get damaged by today's winds. (The left upright fell over, but that was it.)
I also took advantage of my time on the tractor by widening some of the areas next to the jumps. I always intended on having a space next to the jumps so I could just use the path as a track instead of "having" to jump.
This was the little log jump at the top of the track. It didn't survive the wind, but I had intended on making it more secure later anyway. You can see how I cleared the area next to it to widen the trail here.
I don't mind a little wind every now and then but this was not a little wind. I just saw that there is a wind advisory for Crook County until 10 pm tonight. I can't help thinking if my husband had a little more faith in my building abilities the shed I would have built would have still been there without any damage. After all, the tower I built withstood many serious windstorms. (Remember he wanted something manufactured looking. He was afraid whatever I built would have looked shabby. Hmmph!)

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Anonymous said...

Hope your wind has settled down, and the roof is up. Can you anchor it with weight? That must have been some huge wind to rip that off the bolts! The trails sure look nice too, smart to widen them.
Hope coffees are happier now!!