Friday, February 24, 2012


Oh, what a day we had today. Notice anything different about this picture? The title of this post is the hint!
Today we decided to relocate Dakota's shed. This is where it used to stand.
We moved it up and back a bit more into the trees. Maybe this will shelter it a little better from the harsh winds we got the other day.
Tomorrow I get to attempt to square it up so we can put a new roof on it. The metal sheets that were on there are too wrecked to reuse for this shed. I think I may be able to cut the torn ends off and repurpose the rest for something else though, like maybe for a future chicken coop?

And in case you were wondering, this particular project wasn't much fun. My husband has little to no patience. I think I may have mentioned before how he does not have an engineering mind and he is easily frustrated if he can't see the big picture.

He is scheduled for an appointment with his cancer doctor on Monday. I think that might be a good time for me to start on my chicken coop project!

NOTE TO COUNTY ASSESSOR: I told you that shed was not a permanent structure.

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Kathy said...

Hope this is a good place for Dakota's shed! I hate it when you build something and then have to maove it!
Are you going with Bill? Is he going to come and see us? His/ Your room is ready! LOL
And we are planning to come and see you guys soon......waiting for the snowy weather to pass.