Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday we decided it was time to grade the driveway. When we bought the tractor we also bought a grader. The tractor came with a backhoe attached so yesterday we had to figure out how to detach the backhoe, attach a "3 point" system and then hook up the grader to that.

The dealership told us it would take about 10 minutes to do that. Well, the first time it did take a little longer but I can see how now that we've done it, the next time will be much quicker.

So we got it all hooked up and Hubby took off down the road.

He took several passes.
After all, there is a learning curve here.
Break time!
Too much fun!


Anonymous said...

Your wall papering is beautiful! Good job!!
For us here City folk, what does grading do?? Are you scoring it for traction?

tina f. said...


Grading is supposed to take out the ruts that develop over time. It takes the gravel that got pushed to the side and pushes it back to the center and evens it out.