Saturday, February 4, 2012


This morning there was a low layer of fog down in the valley. It looks strange from up here on the hill. I went into Redmond to do some big grocery shopping and along the way every wire, weed, tree, blade of grass... Well you get the idea. Everything was covered with a thick layer of frost. It was pretty.
Later in the afternoon hubby decided to climb the hill on our east side. He called me when he got to the top.
I put my zoom lens on.
This is the above picture blown up a little.
That was our amount of fun today.

Oh and the electric fence thing still isn't right. We didn't bring it in because as soon as we unhooked it from the grounding rods the needle went to the green side. So I'm sure it is just some sort of grounding problem. I really wish he would go talk to the neighbors!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you two had a beautiful day! And a good hike for the hubby! My goodness, but he is known for climbing hills! I remember a frantic mother watching as he did it once on a vacation.
Hope you get the fence situation fixed soon, and hoping its a simple/cheap fix too!!
Happy Super Bowl???