Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Freezing Fog

I learned the name of the phenomenon I mentioned on Saturday's blog. Not so oddly, it is called a "freezing fog". We had a good one today. We took a little walk around the property after getting the mail and I brought my camera.
This is a single twig. Look how the fog has "grown".
This is the same twig. I knocked the frost off. You'll notice the background is the same.
I had the dogs pose for a portrait amongst the frosted weeds.
We saw this tree. Something wasn't quite right so we took a closer look.
Maybe a pack rat nest? They do live in this area. Fortunately it was vacant at the time I took the picture.
And finally on this chilly day I decided to get started with the wallpapering. I got two strips up and it looks ok. I'll have to do a little paint touch up at the top because I was having trouble cutting it even. So it's not a totally professional job, but it'll do.
I just hope I don't walk into the room tomorrow and find the strips curled up at the bottom of the wall!

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Anonymous said...

How neat, I had to slide up and down looking at the pictures, it looks like those salt crystal gardens you do as a kid, all spikey looking! Wall papering, very bold! Looks good!!!