Friday, February 3, 2012

Speaking Of Fences...

Quite some time ago we finally got a hold of the fence guy who actually came out and gave us an estimate for our dog fence. Even though it was not inexpensive we went ahead and agreed to have it built. We dropped off the deposit (which was half the cost) and waited for him to call us to set a time to get the fence built.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Finally hubby called him and guess what? He was just about to call us!!

Yesterday they got started. Here are the two worker guys measuring and marking.

Digging the post holes. This is the only way to dig a post hole!
Oops. Hit an unmarked sewage pipe. No biggie, though. This was from the mobile home pad which hasn't been used in many years so it was totally dry. It did have to be repaired so dirt wouldn't get into the connecting house line. It was quickly repaired without any other problems.
The posts go in...
...and are cemented.
The next day (today) the guys returned. Here they are putting the top rails in.
The cyclone fencing and gates are attached.
The fence is done.
Looks good!
Finally, something went right!

The horse fence was repaired but the electric charger is still not right. I think we'll be bringing it back to the store tomorrow to see what they have to say about it.

Fingers are crossed...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long the wait would have been if hubby had not called? Anyhow, the fence looks good.
Do your pups miss having the run of the place?

tina f. said...

I wonder too!

Today was the first day it was done so they actually haven't missed anything yet. We will still take them on walks so they can run about, but I think the fence will come in handy particularly at night and in the summer!

Anonymous said...

The fence looks beautiful!
It will also be nice to throw visiting pups in there too!
You look you are having amazing weather too, we are almost into the 70's!!