Thursday, June 14, 2012

Antelope Reservoir

Today we decided to check out a place called Antelope Reservoir.  When we take our drive to one of the BLM areas we always pass the turn off.  So today was as good as any to take a drive there.

On the way we saw a few deer.

Once we turned off the Paulina Highway (380) it was a dirt road.  First through approximately three miles of private property, then another 11 miles or so of Forest Service land.  It was very pretty.  When we finally got to the reservoir I was surprised at all the other people that were there, considering the roughness of the road.

But we claimed one of the two picnic tables there and enjoyed our lunch and the views and the wildlife.

A chipmunk.

Ground squirrel.

Our picnic table.

Antelope Reservoir.

The dam end (and near the picnic tables).

After lunch we took a little walk at the bottom of the dam.  The dogs took a dip in the creek.

 The back side of the dam.

Looking down the creek away from the dam.

Heading back for the truck.

So pretty!

On the way back home I just had to stop to take pictures of this keeled over tree.

I like the gnarly trees.

And of course there's the lovely wildflowers.  These are all yellow.

Tomorrow I go back to work.  I'll be working four hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday doing video training.  I hope I remember how to log back into the computer to find the training sessions. 


Kathy said...

Glad you got to have a nice relaxing day with Hubby.
Hope you are enjoying your new job!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful area to go to, I'll bet the pups liked the dip in the water too. That stump area underneath would make a good place to hibernate this winter!
Have a wonderful training, hope all goes great!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of a beautiful place. Ahhh, such is living in one's dream place! : )