Friday, June 1, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Today I started on the middle portion of the red/purple wall.

Two coats of edging.

First coat of primer.

Second coat of primer.

Third coat of primer!

It's amazing how much lighter the living room looks.  I am taking my time and not using any tape, yet.  This little section took me about four hours!  Of course that includes about 20 minutes between each primer coat (not the edging).  

The color paint should go much quicker.  That will take two coats.  I'll do that tomorrow, probably.  Since the living room paint is a different color than the hall paint I will put tape up there to have a sharp edge.  This is a little different for me as we've never had a house with rounded wall corners before!  

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Anonymous said...

As mentioned in a more recent post - LOVE IT!