Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lovely Evening

We have finally been having some nice weather.  We had a couple of beautiful evenings and I was trying to capture the colors on the clouds.  I don't know what the problem is, maybe my camera needs a serious cleaning, but I just couldn't get it to capture the beautiful reds and purples in the sky.  I tried several different settings and these are the best I could do for now.

In any case, like I said we've had beautiful evenings and they are very relaxing.  

I can tell we are further north because it stays light until about 9:45 pm and the skies start getting light in the morning around 4:15.  High time to get some sort of covering on the bedroom windows, even if it is just foil for now!  (I've done that before.)

Work is going well.  I'm doing a lot of video training for the time being.  Hubby started work on cutting a new trail.  It will cut off the main line that goes up the middle of the property (on the southern end), curving towards the street and then parallelling the street for the most part until it hooks up with the driveway.  I'll get some photos later.

Star is kind of showing her age lately.  I started feeding her Purina Equine Senior and I'm hoping that will help.  She is still very active and in fact we had a nice ride yesterday.   Maybe she's losing muscle because I just need to ride her more.  

Happy Father's Day tomorrow!

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