Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Day

Early this morning (around 5am) started with a few thunder boomers. Then there was a slight rain most of the day.  We went to visit the inlaws today and spent a few hours there.  We stopped on the way and got some Schlotzky sandwiches to bring along for lunch.  They had a little cheesecake and macaroni salad from the grocery store and along with the sandwiches we brought and some homemade lemon icecream I made we had a great lunch.

After we got home I fed the bull and horses and had to put the blankets back on the horses.  They were shivering and I felt sorry for them.  But they got a nice couple flakes of hay and a big warm mash. Almost as soon as the blankets were on the shivering stopped.  Then the rain started pouring down in earnest for about thirty minutes. Looks like I got their blankets on just in time. Well, I know they were already soaked to the skin but at least the blankets were on for the really heavy rain...

The forecast looks like it will be just a bit more rainy tomorrow morning but not as bad as today.

Hubby says he saw some mountain chickadees flitting in and out of the birdhouse the other day.  Then when he got near he could hear the cheeping of babies inside!  If I can get a picture later I'll try.

So the other day I was going to make a post about our breakfast for dinner.  That's something we do every once in a while but normally it's a simple fried egg with toast.  I decided I wanted eggs benedict so that's what I made.  

First I toasted the English muffins while Hubby fried up the remaining Canadian bacon.

Meanwhile I got the eggs poaching in a bit of water with just a touch of vinegar.  I've read that is supposed to help the whites cook (congeal) faster.  I'll have to try it without to see if there's any big diference.

The eggs were perfect and then I made the blender hollandaise to pour on top.

Guess what I forgot to take a picture of?  The hollandaise on top of the eggs.  I was going to wait to post the pictures until I made it again, but I don't know when that might be.  Anyhow, take my word for it, our dinner was delicious!  

I thought I had done a post about how to make a blender hollandaise but I checked just now and couldn't find anything in my past posts. So I suppose that means one of these days I'll have to do a recipe post on blender hollandaise. It's very simple and delicious.

At work I finished my video training and started the job shadowing. I already got to ring up several purchases. The worst part was people asking questions about products and I had no idea how to answer them. The worst thing I did was ask one person "will this be on your Lowe's card?" Remember I work for Home Depot. I have no idea why I said that. It was terribly embarrassing!!! Otherwise the day was good.

My next work day will be Sunday bright and early starting at 6 am, when the store opens. Ugh! That means getting up at 4:30 am so I'll have thirty minutes to get ready and fix some coffee to bring as our local Starbucks won't be open when I leave at five o'clock. Last Sunday when I got in at 9 am there were fresh donuts in the lounge. Maybe this week there will be some more...


Anonymous said...

I love the clouds sitting on the horizon.
Getting up early will be more tolerable once your paychecks start coming in!
love ya

tina f. said...

That is so true!