Monday, June 11, 2012


There hasn't been a whole lot of stuff going on in this last week.  At least not anything really interesting.  That is why there haven't been a lot of posts.  So I've thrown a bunch of little things together.

Hubby went fishing in the Crooked River and got some white fish.  A lot of people think they are trash fish.  But I remember eating smoked white fish when I was younger and they were delicious.  We went ahead and froze these in hopes that we will get more and we will be able to figure out how to smoke them later.  (Our old smoker died.)

This is from today.  That's Kneadermeier waiting patiently at a prairie rat hole.  She was upset that I went out to get her because we had to go somewhere.  

Our strawberry plant has strawberries!  And there is even a runner coming off the main plant.  I think I'll let it root.  Hubby and I split the ripe strawberry (yes, we each had 1/2) and it was delicious!

This is my little Christmas tree from last year.  I had moved it from its original container to a 2 liter soda bottle with the top cut off.  Now I moved it to a bigger pot and it's outside.  I think I'll let it grow a bit in this container and then figure out where I want to have my "Christmas Tree Orchard".  After all I like to get at least one of these (sometimes more) every Christmas.

These are the potatoes I planted in the container.  They are actually doing better than the ones in the ground.  

The other veggies are doing very well.  Especially since we've had some warmer weather.  I'm a little concerned that the tomatoes are getting to the point where they will need to be staked soon.  

I finally planted the sugar maple tree.  I gave it a healthy spritzing of "liquid deer fence" in hopes that the deer will leave it alone.

This was going to be a picture showing that I finally got the bird feeder pole up but somebody (aka Ollie) got in front of the camera!

Here's what you were supposed to see.

One of our daily visitors, the cute little valley quail. 

And we can't leave out our little hummer friends.

And finally a mourning dove.

The best news of all is that after fretting for almost two weeks I finally got the call I'd been waiting for.  This morning I decided to go ahead and call Home Depot to make sure everything was still on and the acting manager told me I'd be getting a call later this week for when the orientation would be.  Well, thirty minutes later I got the call!  I went in to sign some paperwork and the orientation is tomorrow at 7 am.  

It's about a 40-45 minute drive from my house so I'll need to get up at 5:45 to have 30 minutes to get ready and then go.  I may have to allow myself a little extra time to stop and get a first day Starbucks drive in treat!  Are they open that early?

I found out today that I must have misunderstood about the health insurance.  Temporary employees do not get health insurance.  I sent a check real quick to the company that accepted me so I'll have coverage starting the 15th.  Then hopefully by the end of my temporary employment I'll be hired on as a permanent and I can drop that insurance.  I'll figure it out.

It feels good to know I'll be earning some money again, and we'll be able to get our credit cards paid off much sooner!   AND we won't be taking money out of savings every other month to cover costs.  Whew!


Anonymous said...

Hope the Orientation went smoothly, and you feel so confident about working there, your knowledge of so much will come in so handy!
I only have 2 little pots of strawberries so between Chester, Wyatt and myself getting a whole one is such a treat. Only 1 blueberry plant too, so Wyatt wiped me out on that too, I think he ate about 10 berries, not even a good handful, but fun. Can't wait to see those tatoes!!
Never even thought about Christmas trees! All the wonderful room to grow!! XOXOXO Patti

Kathy said...

Yea!! Happy, happy for you.
Hope orientation goes well today and you love your new job!

Anonymous said...

Ah so - now I know! It "pays" to read your blog and keep up to speed on what you're doing, where you're going, when, and why. You are so blessed. I'm glad you 1. Got the job. 2. Will be going permanent. 3. Will be earning an income to free financial stresses.

I'm happy for you, too and excited for Sunday. Love, M