Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stump Digging & Pile Moving

On our property are several old slash piles that were never taken care of.  In other words the old limbs were piled up but never burned.  Hubby decided to start getting rid of some of them by moving them to the area below our deck so they could be easily burned.

First he dug out a couple of stumps where he recently cleared and limbed.

Here he is starting to move a couple of the old slash piles.

As he began to move the slash piles he discovered that they were piled on top of large stumps!

So that meant removing the stumps from the ground with the backhoe.  This was one of the biggest!

Photo dog on a stump.

Yee haw!


Anonymous said...

Why can't you just light the pile on top of the stump?
Wouldn't it burn the stump and some of the roots up?
Or is that just 'City folk' thinkin??
Hope work is going better!

tina f. said...

The area where the piles were are still covered with untrimmed sage brush. (Possiblity of the fire spreading quickly and getting out of control.) Also sometimes when the stump burns inside the ground it may appear to be out on top but the roots will smolder for days and there is a distinct possibility that a fire could pop up some distance away, which could create a fire above surface. Not good if you aren't there to watch it.
Had a good day yesterday but got a call today that they were cutting back hours and my 8 hr day on Thursday was cancelled. ☹