Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Okie Shades

I got a call from work yesterday.  They had me originally scheduled to go in next time on Sunday and I would be work shadowing. Since I wasn't finished with my video training yet I had to come in this morning to finish before I start the work shadowing part.  

I think I mentioned before how early the sun comes up (it starts getting light about 4:15 am).  I think the combination of the early light with my age related getting up several times a night makes for a less than restful night time for me.  Consequently today after work I basically passed out on the sofa.  I didn't even know my husband took this picture of me.  Usually when I "nap" I'm actually dozing and I'm semi aware of what's going on.  Not today!

If you look closely you'll see I'm turning into the weird cat lady.  There's a cat on my hip and another in the crook of my knees.  Plus Gus is laid out on the floor next to me.  Good ol' Gus! 

I finally decided to do something about the early light.  We don't have the money just yet to get proper shades so I got some cheap tin foil to cover the door glass.  These are the french doors in our bedroom.

Putting the Okie Shades on.  A little tape and a little tin foil.

Ta da!  I've done this before when I was working nights.  If you've never done it chances are good that you've seen it in somebody elses' window at one time or the other.

I think there's enough coverage to make a huge difference.  

Tomorrow is another day of training.  I managed to get all but 15 minutes done today so after I finish my 15 minutes tomorrow I'll start with my job shadowing.  Whoo hoo!  

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking you deserved that nap! I hope your sleep was much better last night. I bought that cheap (ugly) black out material for Doug/DJ when they worked nights. I still use it in DJ's old room for Wyatt's naps, I love it. But it looks like the foil really works!!
Loved the picture of you, with your furry buddies, very cozy!
AND, hope you had a special dinner yesterday, cake?