Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yard Decorations

We brought a couple of things with us from Bakersfield that we figured would make good yard art or yard decorations for this area.  So now when you drive down our driveway you will be greeted along the way in a decidedly cowboy kind of way.  (I would say...)

Look closely on this tree.

And a little further on there's this one.  Look in the background on the left edge for another! (The white speck.)

Here's one we found and posted that was on the property.  This is the one on the left in the third picture.

We're not even really sure what it is.  Maybe a deer?

There are more skulls and skeleton parts around.  Mostly by the road...  

I don't think its creepy at all!  I think it's fun.  Maybe it will make the religious sales people turn around before they get all the way to the house.  (Yes, we have actually had JW drive the entire 330' driveway to knock on the door and give us pamphlets!)

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