Friday, May 18, 2012

Pole Creek, Sisters, Wood Cutting

Yesterday my mother-in-law's summer house neighbor called and asked if we could come out and turn the water on.  It's been getting warmer and she wanted to water the yard and trees.  

We took a run out there, turned the water on, and made sure everything was ok.  We talked to the neighbor lady and left.  We decided to turn the trip into a working trip and explore one of the wood cutting areas near Sisters.

We found the Pole Creek wood cutting area without too much trouble.  It's quite different from the juniper "forests" we had been cutting.  The rules are strict but simple.  You can only cut downed trees (downed by wind, rot, or other natural causes), or standing dead trees that are no larger than 22" diameter at 12" above ground level.  That is except Ponderosa Pine.  When we first got to the area all we saw was Ponderosa Pine and we thought we wasted a trip.  

But eventually we found some Douglas Fir.  Then there was a point where our four wheel drive on the truck wasn't working and we almost got stuck.  It took a little doing but we finally got out of the little hole we were in.

Our truck was only half full and after we got unstuck at the one spot we found another good spot.  

Cutting down a dead tree.  You can see the top was totally broken off.


Nothing left but sawdust.

And I wasn't along just for the ride or to take pictures.  Hubby snuck a picture of me bringing the logs up to the truck.  

Well, I got my workout for the day and I'd say we got a good haul today.


Kathy said...

Yea! Lots of work, but it'll be a warm winter!

Anonymous said...

I am just guessing that hubby had a smile on his face, bringing back some fun memories for long, long ago.
Hope you don't get too many calls from 'her' :0)