Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wood Cutting

Wood cutting season for this area officially opened just a few days ago.  Today we went to one of the BLM areas to cut juniper.

I went along to help.  He did the cutting and I pulled out the bucked limbs and put the rounds in the truck.

He had just started in one area when I spotted a tree that had already been cut into several rounds.

The nearest person was over 50 yards away.  No one else was around and I thought we should take advantage of the already cut logs.  He said no and actually got mad when I loaded a few of them up anyway. Well, I didn't take them out but I figured the person who cut the logs was gone so they were there for the taking. there some sort of "woodcutters' code"?  Finders keepers, right?  

Every load has to be properly tagged.  This is about a 1/2 cord.

Now we are legal and can take our wood home.
Once home we stacked it neatly behind the shop.  

We decided our next loads will just be dumped since most of it has to be split anyway.  We'll have to rent a splitter when the time comes.

We are allowed 8 cords per year per household.  (That is when taken from BLM or National Forest.  With permission from landowners there is no limit.)

I'm happy that we've started our wood pile for this year.

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Anonymous said...

We have rented splitters a couple of times, I just love them! Now that is fun!!