Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Global Warming??

We saw a new bird recently.  They are brilliant, almost neon yellow.  We knew it was different from the Wilson's Warbler and finally we were able to track it down as being an American Goldfinch.

They are really skittish so it's hard to get a good picture.  (Hubby took these.)


I feel like my interview went really well today.  Turns out the young man interviewing me has relatives in Bakersfield.  We discussed the yumminess of Dewars' black and whites!  I may have another interview in about a week (I'll be getting a call) with the store manager and hopefully I'll find out at that time how things look.  I feel very positive about it.

Today was fairly drizzly and less than nice.  About thirty minutes after we got back from Bend from my interview it started raining with a little snow.  Then that turned to all snow!  At first it wasn't sticking.

Our veggies are still in pots because we haven't quite figured out how to do the greenhouse (so it stays hot at night, plus the money factor to do so).  When it started snowing and then sticking it was time to bring the plants into the garage.

The poor citrus trees don't like the snow.  I hope the heat lamp makes them a bit happier.

This is global warming.  Al?  Al? 


PS-Happy Birthday, Hubby Dearest!


Anonymous said...

First, that ice cream had my mouth watering! AND YOU MOVED AWAY FROM THAT???? Yum!!
So happy to hear about your interview, I am guessing you knew more about 'his' store than he did! Fingers and toes will remain crossed!
That little bird is so beautiful!
Hope those are hearty plants, they all look so healthy still. How about 2 or 3 rows of Christmas lights in your hot house, don't they put a bit of warmth out? And cheap. Patti

Kathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Bill!!!
PLEASE keep your snow!! LOL
Hope the interviews go well.....keeping our fingers crossed for you!!